My Four-Footed Friends



I have always been a dog person. From my earliest childhood recollections, there have always been dogs involved. One of the first four-footed friend I remember was Mitsy, my mother’s little Pekinese. Even though she would let us children pet her in toleration, we all knew that she was Mom’s dogs. She had the regal air of a little princess and deeply resented when Dad brought home a new puppy.

He was a beautiful chocolate Labrador retriever, and Dad named him Peto, after one of his favorite cousins. Peto was a furry ball of boundless energy and never seemed to understand Misty’s disdain for him. Anything that mischievous pup could get into, he would. He had an endless fascination with the trash can and was constantly using it like his personal buffet. Of course, he always had plenty of good kibble in his dish that he gobbled up as soon as the food hit the bowl. He just liked to see what he could find in the trash. We spent many early mornings picking up a trash mess that Peto had made in the middle of the night. He just sat there wagging his tail with what looked to be a canine smile.

Peto also had a fascination with the toilet bowl. It made no difference that his water dish was filled with fresh water daily. He was often caught slurping water from the toilet bowl like it was a vintage wine. If he finished his food, he often trotted over to Mitsy’s bowl to see what she had. Mitsy looked like an ant compared to the fully-grown Peto. She would lunge out at him in a barking rage. Peto, being the kindhearted simpleton that he was, only ignored the yapping and snapping Mitsy for a little stolen treat.

Mom and Dad were always interested in photography and took many snapshots of our endearing dogs. Since Mitsy was Mom’s baby, she would often put little bows on Mitsy’s ears and take pictures of her. When Mom took our pictures, she just about always included one of the dogs. Mitsy liked all the pampering and attention; however, she often posed for the picture begrudgingly. My parents took a lot of funny pictures of us with the dogs. Sometimes, the dogs were in costumes and looked hilarious! Other times, they would catch the dogs doing something funny and would save the moment in a snapshot.

Some of the pictures we have even put up on alongside other adorable puppies and funny doggies. Whenever I have a sad day I just go to the site and it makes my day immediately better.